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Adams Co. Highway Dept. keeps roads clear


Scott Jensen has been a snowplow driver for almost 25 years. He said falling snow means just another day at work.

"Not real heavy, been able to keep up with it, but not stay ahead of it," said Jensen.

The Adams County Highway Commissioner said roads were snow covered throughout the day on Tuesday, and plow drivers were doing their best to sweep away another three-plus inches that blanketed the area.

"It takes a little to keep up with it because it's falling as we're working, and it's hard to see sometimes," said Jensen.

Snowstorms that last all day can mean long hours for plow drivers. The Highway Commissioner said Adams County has 15 employees who work to keep roads clear, and when snow starts the fall, they have to be ready.

"That same group works in the morning that works at night. So, those drivers, while we don't run them 24 hours, they do get limited sleep during long events like this," said Patrick Kotlowski, Adams County Highway Commissioner.

Jensen said the long hours can be difficult.

"You can make your breakfast, lunch and supper because you can be gone all those hours, and when you get home, you don't know if you want to eat or if you want to sleep because you need both," said Jensen.

Highway Department officials said there has been a lot more snow this year than last, and they're hoping there won't be much more.

"I really hope this is the last big snowstorm. I'm ready for spring," said Jensen.

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