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UPDATE: Family hits more obstacles as Stratford baby battles cancer


Struggles continue for the Kurtzweil family, as they await treatment for eight-month old Treyden.

The Kurtzweil family tells Newsline 9 additional tests need to be done on Treyden, and he needs a bone marrow transplant fast.

They plan to get the transplant done in Madison, but his parents say the tests need to be done before the transplant can happen.


Eight-month old Treyden Kurtzweil is battling leukemia. He's been through chemo therapy most of his childhood and his parents say he needs an expensive procedure to help potentially save his life.

"He's such a fighter," Treyden's father, Travis Kurtzweil said.

Just two months after he was born, Treyden was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia.

"I was like, no, no this isn't happening. You hear this happening to other people and you wish it's not you," Treyden's mother, Cassie Kurtzweil said.

"That's all his body knows is that leukemia," Travis Kurtzweil said.

But after all those months in the hospital, the boy that's full of joy needs a potentially life saving procedure.

"It's a nightmare when you sit there and think this is your child's life, and there's nothing that you can do that can take any of this away," Cassie Kurtzweil said.

Treyden's doctors say he needs a bone marrow transplant fast. The hospital he's at now in Marshfield can't do that. Instead, Treyden needs to be treated at a hospital in Madison. But complications with insurance threatened all that.

"He needs this transplant now, we don't have days to waste," Travis Kurtzweil said.

The hospital in Madison was not covered by the family's insurance. But late Tuesday, Treyden's parents finally got the call they'd been waiting for. Their insurance company approved the hospital.

"We just want to get him there and get the process going for that transplant," Travis Kurtzweil said.

That means little Treyden will be on his way to Madison very soon. As for his parents, they just hope for one thing, "I hope that we can say look, miracles do happen," Cassie Kurtzweil told Newsline 9.

Treyden's parents say their insurance will certainly help them, but it won't be able to cover everything.

There are some links below, if you're interested in helping the Kurtzweil family.





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