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Famous Merrill cow gives birth

A cow born with two fully-functional noses gaining national attention in 2007 has given birth again. 

"You call her name and she always pops up her head like that" farmer Mark Krombholz told Newsline 9. 

Krombholz says his homestead just outside of Merrill is home to one very special collection of cows.  That's because in 2007, one of his Holstein cows named Lucy was born with an extra nose directly above her natural nose.

"A local vet came out and said, yeah, she's a healthy cow like that, it breathes and eats like a normal cow, it's just that it has two noses" Krombholz said.

And from that small calf, Lucy has grown into a 1,200 pound adult Holstein, old enough to give birth to her own calves. 

"After the first or second one we kind of figured it's a one in a lifetime thing.  The calves are Liberty, Luanne and Lilly" Krombholz said.

The newest addition born in January was dubbed Lacey.

"All you've got to do is call her name and she comes running which means it's time to get food" Krombholz said smiling.

Veterinarians attribute Lucy's extra nose to a benign genetic mutation.  Her abnormality was documented, and Krombholz was left to wait until Lucy began having calves to see if any other anomalies would develop. 

Now that Lacey's birth makes calf number four, Krombholz says he's assured Lucy's special nose is truly one of a kind. 

"Cows can live a long time, especially on a hobby farm.  So she's going to live a long life here" Krombholz said. 

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