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Teen technology week teaches online safety


These days, technology is everywhere.

"We have so many iPads here and computers. So, it's only a few clicks away to get to anything," said Ross Gessert, a senior at Marshfield High School.

That's why library leaders say teen technology week is so important.

"We assume they know certain things. We assume that everybody is careful with the info they share on the Internet or on their Facebook page," said Lori Belongia, Marshfield Public Library Director.

Teen technology week is designed to educate people about the precautions they should be taking online. Leaders say teens should be careful about what information they share over the Internet. They say plagiarism is another important issue.

"Let's be conscious of that and be fair in how we use information that we get from other sources, make sure we quote it right and give credit," said Belongia.

The Marshfield Public Library is working with the Marshfield High and Middle Schools and Columbus Catholic to get the word out, and students are getting the message.

"Just think before you do things. That's the biggest thing," said Gessert.

But teen technology week is more than just warnings about the Internet. Students are encouraged to get creative through a competition to build a mock robot.

"We're looking to give kids a chance to explore those ideas and see, just down the line, what comes out of that," said Belongia.

Library leaders say what teens come up with today could be the technology of the future.

"What was a dream five years ago is now in the palm of your hand," said Belongia.

Library leaders say their main goal is to get teens talking about technology.

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