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Wausau priest reacts to Pope Francis


Catholic leaders in Central Wisconsin are responding to the historic announcement of the new pope.

Religious leaders at St. Michael's Catholic Church in Wausau say it was an emotional moment, as Pope Francis made his way to St. Peter's Square.

Father Bill Grevatch sat down to talk with Newsline 9 before the announcement. But in the middle of the interview the big news came.

"There's white smoke and bells. There's white smoke."

As the father watched Pope Francis take the balcony in St. Peter's Square, tears filled his eyes.

"St. Francis is a very special saint to me, and for the new pope to choose that name and understand his humility," Grevatch said.

Grevatch says he thinks the new pope will be a good leader for the Catholic Church.

"I think he's going to bring new life to our church and to the world," Grevatch told Newsline 9.

Outside St. Michael's in Wausau is a statue of St. Francis. Grevatch says that's another reason he says the announcement was so emotional.

"When I heard who it was and his name, tears came to my eyes. I said 'the Holy Spirit was working,'" Grevatch said.

Pope Francis is the first pope from Latin America. That alone has received a lot of attention.

"The word catholic means universal," Grevatch said.

Grevatch says Pope Francis' first moments in front of the world were powerful.

"He asked the people's blessing and then he gave them his blessing. That was the humility that came through," Grevatch said.

Father Grevatch says he hopes that humility will breathe new life into the Catholic Church.

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