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How we bring WIAA action to a television near you


For the first time the Girls State Basketball Tournament will be held at the Resch Center near Green Bay.

WAOW will be broadcasting all the games throughout the weekend. But, what does it take to bring those games to your television?

Well, tournament leaders say it takes dozens of people, hundreds of hours, and even more feet of cable.

"We have multiple cameras, replay equipment and we cable the stadium," Executive Producer Bob Goessling said.

And it all starts inside this truck. Here, producers control everything you see on TV.

"It's a lot of people working together," Play-by-play Coordinator Bryon Graff said. "But, the director is the one that does the most talking, checking all the different camera angles."

In fact, there are nine different cameras set up around the arena. Each camera is connected to the truck, by a cable. The truck then sends those pictures to televisions all around the state.

"We have basket cameras, each hanging by a basket, and then we have one that looks out into the whole arena, we call it a beauty shot," Director Alan Pierce explains.

That way when the game starts you don't miss a play.

And once the games begin there are even more people involved. Court side you can find one person doing play-by-play, another preparing for post game interviews, and upstairs someone else is getting ready to bring the viewer some half time entertainment.

"When those players take to center court, and they dim the lights on Championship Saturday it just sends chills down your spine because you get to be apart of it, you get to tell these stories to a state-wide audience," Graff said.

So, overall it takes a lot to put on this production. But, you'd never know just by watching, because while these guys run around and punch buttons, you just enjoy the game.

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