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Students celebrate Pi Day in Wood Co.


The number for Pi looks complicated.

"We use it for circumference, a lot of things with circles," said student, Jacob Wedig.

Teachers at John Edwards High School in Port Edwards said it's a number that never really seems to end.

"So it's an irrational number that repeats on and on and on forever, that doesn't ever repeat, 3.14," said teacher, Tami Griffith.

To celebrate Pi Day, March 14, or 3-1-4, students at John Edwards High School learned how to use the number.

"A lot of people I know at school, you know numbers, you see a number, it's foreign to you, I think what Pi Day does, it integrates everything, you can get a better feel for it," said Wedig.

Students also competed in several Pi Day activities, including scavenger hunts and dodge ball.

 All the activities involved math problems and all designed to teach them about Pi.

"You have all these hints and secrets and symbols and you had to solve an equation, by solving that equation you find out the room number or you find out where you have to go," said Wedig.

"It makes good memories, something they get to remember, tell their kids about, go home and tell their parents about," said Griffith.

But before that, students ended "Pi Day" with just the right reward.

"Hopefully there's a chocolate piece with my name on it," said Wedig.

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