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Snack tax attack

From popcorn to pretzels to peanuts, a new bill in one Midwest state is looking to add sales tax on a wide range of snack items.

A Minnesota state representative petitioned the idea of taxing small bags of potato chips and similar snacks in 8 oz. servings.

Right now, 24 states have a similar set up. Wisconsin is not one of them.

But, some lawmakers in Minnesota are against it, saying it would too confusing.

"Lets encourage people to have the activity to do things to improve themselves," Minnesota Representative Kurt Zellers said. "Lets not tax them, try to tax them out of obesity, because this isn't going to work and it's a bad idea."

But, State Representative Jerry Newton said it would benefit small businesses.

"The way the system is set up now it's very difficult, especially for small store owners to know what's taxed, what's not taxed," Newton explained.

No decisions have been made.

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