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Beating the winter blues


Between cloudy skies, chilly temperatures and biting wind, it's enough to make some of us want to stay indoors. But doctors say that can come with some serious side effects.

"It can end, anytime," Rose DeHut said.

The snow, the cold, and the shoveling, many people say it's getting old. 

"Trying to pick out the non black ice sidewalks, that's my pet peeve," DeHut explained.

But, doctors say this constant winter weather can be more than just frustrating. It can also cause some serious health concerns.

"Lack of energy, lack of motivation, sadness, tearfulness, it's all prevalent," Carrie Paisar of North Central Health Care said.

What she's talking about is called Seasonal Affective Disorder. It's a type of depression that affects a person during the same season each year. Doctors say it's most common during the winter months because of the lack of sunlight.

"All the snow and the ice and people see less daylight and that can really effect people's moods," Paisar explained.

According to a recent study, seasonal affective disorder affects between 2-5% Americans. But doctors say it can usually be treated easily.

"Set some goals," Paisar said. "Increase exercise or social activities, getting involved in some kind of volunteer activity or something like that to try to boost their mood."

That's why leaders at Wausau's Center for Visual Arts came up with, "Paint Your Winter Blues Away."

"We wanted people to get out of their cabin fever and do something fun with their time when they can't be out and about," Executive Director of the Center for Visual Arts, Rose DeHut said.

The classes are open to anyone.

"When you're painting you're calmer and focused," DeHut explained.

Things that are certainly a nice benefit in a long Winter, and maybe even a way to bring the sunshine back, at least on the canvass.

For more information about the art classes at the Center for Visual Arts click here:

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