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Extra interest in spring break as winter hangs around


Spring break is just a few days away, and college students are aching to get away and get warm.

"I'm going to Arizona to see the Brewers play at spring training," said Carley Prochaska, a sophomore at UW-Stevens Point.

"I'm going with a couple of my friends down to Panama City Beach," said Triston King, also a student.

The beach sounds nice, especially as temperatures in Wisconsin struggle to reach the freezing mark.

"It's going to be 75 and I'm so excited!" said King.

Lots of people have big plans for the break—not just students.

"We actually have had a lot of people booking warm destinations," said Meribeth Bower, a travel consultant at Global Travel in Stevens Point. She says the late winter weather has brought her a lot of customers.

"We have a lot of families, we have a lot of couples, singles," said Bower. "We've had people coming in actually this week wanting to leave this weekend."

Maybe because it doesn't feel like spring break, at all.

"I really wish it was warmer," said Kali Cotteleer, a UWSP junior.

So, for those traveling to warmer corners of the world, enjoy the feeling of spring. As for the rest of us, we'll just have to pretend.

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