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Merrill students bring grandparents to school


Some Merrill elementary students went home with special memories, after grandparents day.

"We welcome you today. We welcome you today. Hope you enjoy our play on this grandparents day," first graders at Kate Goodrich Elementary School sang to their grandparents.

It was a day to make grandma and grandpa feel special.

"I love going to grandma's because I like to play Go Fish with my grandma," one student said during the presentation.

"My grandpa is amazing because he taught me how to be lazy all day, while playing with my cousin," first-grader Malaynie Dengel said of her grandfather.

Teachers at Kate Goodrich Elementary School say the day's lesson is a valuable one.

"We just think it's really important for our young children to connect with their grandparents," Kate Goodrich Elementary School teacher Mary Rohde said.

The grandparents were able to share their memories from they were young with their grandchildren.

"I remember when we were in school, we could get chocolate milk for three cents a carton," one grandmother said.

"We had to walk to school, no snow days. Mom sent you out the door and you had to make it to school," another grandfather shared.

Games were played, hands were held and hugs were given during grandparents' day. It ended with a poem.

The first graders read, "Grandparents always love you, whether you're near or far away. Grandparents are for hugging you, whenever you start to cry. Grandparents are for signing you a special lullaby."

Teachers say it was a special day, for some special grandparents. They say the event has been held in Merrill for more than 10 years.

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