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Two Stevens Point police officers save teen's life


"He didn't say much besides 'bye' before he let go."

That's the last thing Officer John Moss heard before grabbing the arm of a 15-year old boy about to plummet into the icy water.

"Things would have been bad," Moss said.

This all happened last Friday. Stevens Point police say the 15-year old tried to kill himself by jumping off the Clark Street bridge. Police say the boy had walked away from his school when teachers called 911 saying he was headed for the bridge.

"As I pulled up on scene I saw the 15 year old was climbing over the railing," Moss explained. "He was just hanging there over the edge of the railing, all his weight."     

That's when Officer Moss said he knew something had to be done.

"It was constant chatter with him the whole time, give him some options that this doesn't have to be the way it had to end."

But, Moss says his words weren't getting through.

"I was trying to talk him into stepping back over the railing for us, but he wouldn't, he wouldn't do it."

That's when the boy let go and Officer Moss says he did the only thing he could.

"We just held onto him."

He held on, until help arrived.

"I couldn't really understand what he was saying but I headed that way because I knew he was looking for help," Officer Joe Kramer said.

Officer Kramer got there just in time. Together, the two lifted the boy to safety.

"I was glad they were able to hold on so we could get him over the other side," Officer Kramer said.

Fellow officers are calling the two heroes. But, don't tell that to them.

"Anyone in our department would do the same thing, we were just the ones that were there at the time," Moss said.

There to save a life.

The teen was taken to the hospital. Police say now he can get the help he needs.

Both officers are being recognized for their commendable act. Stevens Point police say they will be honored with a certificate and a plaque at an upcoming Police and Fire Commission meeting.

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