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Gov. Walker talks about memoir, political expert responds


Governor Scott Walker has only been in office for a few years, but he said Tuesday that he has a story to tell.

"For us it really started out last year. A lot of people were interested in what we had to say and we had a number of people encourage us to write a book," Governor Walker said at a stop in Wausau.

According to The Sentinel Imprint of Penguin Group, the book will be titled "Unintimidated: A Governor's Story and a Nation's Challenge." Officials there said Marc Thiessen, a former chief speech writer for President George W. Bush, will help write the memoir.

Political experts said the book's release could be the first step in a presidential run.

"The timing of the book would perfectly position him to maybe say, 'I want to put my hat in the ring and I want to give it a shot and see if I can raise some funds,'" UW-Marathon County Political Professor Eric Giordano said. He added that the book announcement isn't surprising. "He's received a lot of national attention for the things that have gone on in Wisconsin especially."

Governor Scott Walker has certainly made headlines. Democrats were furious at both him and the GOP for stripping most public workers of nearly all of their collective bargaining rights. That move lead to a massive recall effort.

But Governor Walker won the recall election, solidifying his spot in history.

Walker said that experience sparked interest in a book, but he wouldn't elaborate on his future political plans.

"It just fits in very nicely the timing and of course there's going to be plenty of speculation...when the book comes out," Walker said.

Meanwhile, Giordano told Newsline 9 the memoir will keep Governor Scott Walker's name in the headlines.

"And clearly it's working to some extent because he's getting attention not only for what he did, but also for potentially the writing of this book," Giordano said.

The publisher said Walker's book could be released later this year.

Walker told reporters at his stop in Wausau that the book will focus on his legislation and reforms and how they can be applied in other places throughout the country.



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