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Dog doing fine after vicious attack


Almost every day Biscuit waits for seven year old Maleik Doering to get home from school.

"She's there by his side, always looking after him, following him everywhere," Maleiks's brother, Tre Gaffney said.

On Monday afternoon, that was no different. Biscuit sat by the door waiting.

"All I heard was Maleik screeching at the top of his lungs which is what sent me coming barreling down the steps," Gaffney explained.

According to Marshfield Police, a Stafford shire Bull Terrier went into the home and attacked Biscuit.

"It had Biscuit and it was going for the head and had it by the neck," Maleik Doering described.

There was nothing the seven year old could do.

"I was just screaming," Maleik said.

That's when Tre stepped in and punched the bull terrier in the nose.

"You hit them in the side of the mouth and they're going to let go," Gaffney explained.

And he did. The dog let go and Biscuit fell to the ground.   

"As soon as I went to pick her up she had so much blood on her," Gaffney said.

"We had to take her to the vet and get her a shot and medicine and all that," Maleik explained.

Marshfield Police say the city does have a dangerous pet ordinance aimed to hold people responsible when their animals attack.

"It's meant to keep people safe," Ordinance Officer Bob Larsen said.

Luckily Biscuit is doing just fine. She's back home where she should be, staying by Maleik's side, and every day at three o'clock she's waiting for him to get home.

"I'm still going to take her outside, then sometimes go take a nap with her," Maleik said. 

Marshfield Police say the bull terrier is in the custody of its temporary owner. They say the owner did receive a fine and has been ordered to have a muzzle on the dog when it's outside.

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