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Spring allergies could hit hard


This year's allergy season will probably be much worse.

Doctors say that's because once warmer temperatures arrive, everything will bloom and grow at once.

Doctor Richard Jennings is an ear, nose and throat specialist. He said he's already started seeing people who are suffering from allergies.

"This year it's a little bit later, probably the weather that we've been having here," Jennings said. But, he added, it's going to get worse. "They'll come in and say I've had this cold for a month or two months."

Dr. Jennings told us there are plenty of allergens in central Wisconsin, including pine and oak.

"You can develop them at different points in your life," he said.

But he added that there are ways to stay ahead of allergy season. For one, start taking medication now because many of them, like nasal sprays, usually take a few weeks to work.

Also, visit the doctor if you think you're allergic and ask for a scratch test. And if you start noticing symptoms, you can find some relief by flushing out your nose.

"Things like a neti pot or sinus rinse. Those are very good and effective for helping to clean the nose out," said Jennings.

Jennings also said if you've had congestion for more than seven days, you're probably suffering from allergies, not a cold.

For more information on allergies and how to treat them, click here: http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/allergy.html

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