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Dozens of volunteers help serve Wausau Easter dinner


Hundreds of meals made an impact this Easter.

"My immediate family is like almost a thousand miles away and it's good to have a meal like this delivered for my family here in Wausau," said Michael Boling.

That's why Mary Schultz and her husband volunteered on Easter Sunday to deliver them.

"They can't afford a warm meal and it may be their only warm meal of the week that they get, so they're very appreciative of that," said Schultz.

The pair moves fast, hoping to make someone else's Easter a bit brighter.

"Maybe they can't get out because they can't drive over to the restaurant or they just aren't physically capable, maybe they're ill," said Schultz.

The event started about two decades ago, at the Wausau Mine Company.

"It started in 1990 with my father and this will be our 24th year," said Wausau Mine Company Co-owner, Dan Wage.

"I got here about 8:30, started making potatoes and now we're just moving on to some gravy, getting stuff portioned up for to-go's," said Volunteer, Scott Fischer.

The volunteers dished up more than 700 meals together, serving ham, mashed potatoes and cookies.

Boxing them up for delivery to people who need a warm meal and a visit.

"We started this three years ago and it's just a great feeling to walk away from this and know that you did something good for your community," said Schultz.

An Easter tradition organizers and volunteers said they hope will continue for many years to come.

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