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April Fool's Day video frustrates some Wausau parents


A video made by Wausau West broadcasting students was supposed to cause some laughs.

"People could be really mad, for a little bit and maybe then think it was funny after that," said Student, Nick de Jong.

But instead, frustration.

The students made the video for their morning news program, announcing the school was dropping its scheduling system.

"I thought, well, people here at West really like our flex-mod scheduling system and they'd probably be pretty mad if we removed it, so why don't we try and trick them into thinking that's actually happening," said de Jong.

It was supposed to be a spoof for April Fool's Day.

"They came up with about 20 ideas and we had to narrow it down a little bit to what could be believable," said de Jong.

But the video was leaked online early. Some parents and students saw it and they thought it was real.

"People were wanting to know, I think, more than anything, because it was odd for something this big," said Wausau West Principal, Jeb Steckbauer.

Some parents told Newsline 9 they were frustrated, but they wouldn't speak on camera.

School administrators apologized the video got out early and notified parents the message was just a joke.

"We certainly apologize to our families and parents who were affected negatively by this," said Steckbauer.

Other parents though, didn't mind it.

"They took action immediately, to explain to parents, by sending out that e-mail to everybody, so I think they handled it very responsibly," said Parent, Nancy Nelson.

Still, administrators said this is a good lesson, both for them and for students, about the power of social media.

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