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Outdoors with Lauren: Scouting for Turkey Hunt

I met with experienced turkey hunter Tony Dallman, and our preparations began.  First, we made sure this 20 gauge shotgun is a good fit.

Before heading out on a hunt, Dallman says hunters have to remember to get permission from the landowners.  In our case, these farmers have no problem.
After that, we headed out to scout the property.  We found some turkey tracks, proving we're on a good spot. Dallman says, "The main thing is to know the roost sites and the feeding sites and set up in between. Try to intercept them in between the roost and the feeding areas, and hopefully do the right calling, so you don't spook them."
    You make your own luck with turkey hunting, so Dallman says preparation is a huge factor in our success.  "If you understand the reactions of the birds, what they're trying to say, when they're being vocal, and their daily patterns on what they want to go to, their typical strut zones, you can increase your chances of that. Along with practicing your calling to get the cadences down and which calls to use when."
Lots to remember, giving me plenty of homework to do until the hunt...Just a few days away.

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