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Flood warning causes concern for Wood Co. horse owner


After a long winter, the first flood warning of the year is targeting a central Wisconsin river.

The flooding is expected to be minor, but experts say this is just the first of many warnings, as all the snow continues to melt.

The Yellow River in Wood County is expected to rise six inches above flood stage. That has some people living in the area fearing for what's to come.

Jammie Schiller owns land right next to the Yellow River where her horses call home.

Over the weekend, Schiller says water rose above the river's bank for the first time in years.

"There were icebergs all the way up to the fence," Schiller told Newsline 9.

She says her horses were just as fascinated as she was when it was happening.

"They didn't know what was going on either, with all of the icebergs," said Schiller.

Experts say the rising water is because of melting snow and that's a stark contrast to just one year ago.

"We didn't have much flooding at all last year," said Newsline 9 Meteorologist Rob Duns.

"It really hasn't flooded in a few years," said Schiller.

Schiller told Newsline 9 because she has land near the river, she's always prepared.

"If it does get higher, we can put them in the shed so they won't be in the water," said Schiller.

But at the time, Schiller said she was worried.

"It was scary because we just weren't sure how much more was going to come in. It was nice to see that it went back down," said Schiller.

Experts told us the warning should expire soon.

"This is not a major flooding event. It's not going to be a long duration event," said Duns.

Our own meteorologists said this is the beginning of flood season. They add this is a good reminder to always be aware.

"If you live near water, it's always a good idea to understand what the water level is, if there are any current flood warnings in your backyard," said Duns.

The horses in Schiller's backyard have found dry land, at least for now.

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