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Village of Brokaw takes legal action against mill


The Village of Brokaw has taken legal action against the company that owns Wausau Paper's Brokaw Mill.

The mill closed last year leaving hundreds of people without a job. During the past month, property owners have been removing old equipment and other materials from the vacant building. Owners say it's in an effort to attract potential buyers.

But, Brokaw Village leaders say it's in violation of their razing, scrapping, salvaging and recycling ordinance.The ordinance was published in 2012.

"The ordinance is intended to protect the village from blight by requiring plans, insurance, and financial insurance before a permit is issued: Village attorney Bill Scott says.

According to the village web site, the ordinance is intended to regulate the removal of scrap and salvageable equipment and materials from vacated buildings for the health and safety of the public. It also says anyone removing or salvaging items must apply for a permit before beginning work.

"The ordinance requires a plan and a permit is just approval of that plan," Scott said.

But the new mill owners say they didn't believe the ordinance applied to them. And company leaders say the work they're doing is necessary to the future of the community.

"The only way to put that property on the market, clean and ready in a prepared position is to have the unrelated items, the old, dormant items out," company president Eric Spirtas said.

Right now, company leaders say they've applied for a permit at this time. Village officials are reviewing it. All activity at the mill is on hold until the matter is resolved.

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