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Outdoors with Lauren: Turkey Hunting

After weeks of preparations, I finally got to participate in the Learn to Turkey Hunt Program this weekend put on by the DNR and Lincoln County Sports Club.

The weather was fighting against me and my mentor Tony Dallman before the sun even rose. Dallman explains, " Snow sleet and rain, and pretty strong winds, the turkey's didn't want to move."
Cold and wet conditions pushed us into the woods to try and call a few Toms to us.  Leaned up against a tree in head to toe camo, sitting as still as possible for hours is crucial when trying to call in a turkey. It still wasn't enough for us, they were onto us.  "Turkeys rely mainly on their eye-sight. They rely on it for survival so when they see you they know something is wrong. Even if you think they don't' notice you, you can try calling to them and they'll just work their way away from you."
By day two the weather took a turn for the better and our chances were looking up.  "The conditions help a lot when it's a nice calm sunny day, they're more vocal, they seem to travel a little bit more and they're out in the open more, a little more visible.
On this learn to turkey hunt, I gained valuable insight into how difficult it really is. We prepared and worked hard, but when hunting we can't always win.
    "got to see what hunting is actually like. Its not just a sit and shoot."

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