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Mother Nature wreaks havoc on spring sports


Red is not a color high school athletes want to see. Unfortunately, right now, red is all they see when they look at the upcoming sports calendar. Red means cancellations.

"There's only so much wiffleball you can play in the gym, only so many times you can be in the batting cage," said WIAA Assistant Director Marcy Thurwachter.

This week was supposed to kick off the first week of games in the high school sports outdoor season. But instead of hitting the field, players and coaches are still stuck in the gym and that's creating a scheduling nightmare.

"It can get hectic in the spring because you're always canceling and always moving things around," said WIAA Deputy Director Wade Labecki.

In the Wisconsin Valley Conference, dozens of games have been postponed, while others have been canceled. Athletic officials say if that continues coaches will need to get creative in order to make up play.

"There's obstacles, you have honors nights, graduation, you have proms. May is a very busy time so we want to get as many games in as we can before May gets going," said Labecki.

According to WIAA rules, coaches in every sport will meet late next month to decide team rankings. But, with a potentially shortened season that could be a difficult task.

"If we don't have a lot of games in then it will make the seeding a little bit tougher to make comparisons amongst the different schools," said Thurwachter.

But right now coaches say they can't worry about that when the first pitch hasn't even been thrown.  

Many spring sport games have been postponed until next week. Coaches say that week will be crucial in determining how the rest of the season will go.

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