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Athlete of the Week: SPASH's Angela Lange


A no-hitter is a milestone that every pitcher looks to accomplish. But SPASH's Angela Lange reached that goal without even thinking about it.

"I actually didn't even know that I had a no-hitter going," Lange said. "I don't even think about those things when I pitch. I just play the game. Just keep going."

Strikeout after strikeout, Lange kept going. And no one even thought about how the SPASH senior hadn't allowed a hit.

"You know that a kid is throwing a no-hitter and you keep your mouth shut," Panthers head coach Tom Drohner said.

"But in this particular case. It was such a close game. A 0-0 ball game through 8, we didn't have time to think about no-hitters or anything like that, we were just dialed in."

Drohner says Lange's confidence helped SPASH earn the win and makes her the number one pitcher on the team this season.

"She's got a little bit of swagger about her and I think that's important as a pitcher," Drohner said. "You've got to be confident in yourself and she's a confident young lady."

Lange adds: "You can't just say that the pitcher is the only role, you have everybody on the team. And it wouldn't be possible if I didn't have everybody else."

Everybody including freshman catcher Jordan Kawlewski, who helped Lange with the no-hitter in only her second game for SPASH.

"Angela is a phenomenal pitcher and she's definitely the most developed pitcher that I've ever caught for before," Kawlewski said.

"And it was different at first because of the level she's at but it's really fun and for me a no-hitter is a really great thing, just being a part of it was really exciting."

"You have to step up more as an individual you are a role model for the younger people and that's something you have to think about," Lange said.

Angela Lange, your Newsline 9 Athlete of the Week.

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