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Take your guess in the annual snowmelt contest

Winter seemed to hang on forever last year.

Temperatures did not turn very Spring-like until the last week of April. This led to the record latest snow melt off of Rib Mountain – not disappearing until June 30th!

This year we had one of the coldest and snowiest winters on record. Does this mean the Rib Mountain snow melt will be even later than last year? A lot depends upon whether the weather warms up above normal.

Many people speculate that our very cold winter will be followed by a hot Summer. If so, the snow could melt earlier than last year. What is your prediction.

Enter this year's snow melt contest, prove your forecasting prowess, and you could win big prizes from the R-stores of Northcentral Wisconsin. Here are all the snowmelt dates from past contests:

* 2005:June 7th
* 2006:June 6th
* 2007:May 25th
* 2008:June 8th
* 2009:June 24th
* 2010:May 29th
* 2011:June 17th
* 2012:May 30th
* 2013:June 30th

Enter into the contest by clicking here.

To check out official rules, click here.

The deadline for entering is the end of the day (midnight) on April 30th.

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