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Highway crews work hard to clear roads


Traffic moved smoothly Sunday morning, but as the latest winter storm moved in, conditions took a nasty turn.

"The snow came pretty fast and heavy and we're just out putting salt down and scraping it off, but trying to work around the traffic and accidents," said Marathon Co. Highway Department Assistant Superintendent, Kris Baguhn.

Snow, freezing rain and slush coated highways and side streets, causing many crashes and slide-ins.

"If you have to go, take it easy until we get it cleaned up," said Baguhn.

The conditions backed up traffic on Highway 51 in Rothschild.

Adding to the mess: some road crews stuck in the middle of it.

"He couldn't get through to actually do his salting and plowing," said Baguhn.

The storm created dangerous road conditions in Wood County, where officials asked people to stay off the roads.

"We had the heavy snowfall with the wind, causing hard visibility. Then came the rain which made the snow that came down turn to ice, which caused the roads to be extremely slippery," said Wood County Sheriff, Matt Susa.

Our D.O.T. skycameras near Wausau captured the scene from above, a bird's eye view as people put their winter driving skills to the test, yet again.

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