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Time is running out to file your tax return


Time is running out to complete your tax return.

Monday is the deadline to file with the IRS, but many people are still finishing their taxes.

A tax preparer at Liberty Tax in Wausau says he's been busy with last minute returns.

"You're going to be busy the last weekend before tax return," said Anthony Havelkachibi. "Generally the three, four days before the deadline. Yeah, you live taxes."

Rich Daniells admitted he had a late start this year.

"Usually I'm like the first one at the beginning of the year because I'm waiting for my refund," said Daniells. "This year I was on unemployment for part of last year, so I thought I'm going to owe taxes, so I'm going to wait until the very end to pay and it turned out good actually."

Daniells told Newsline 9 he was even planning on filing an extension to put off paying what he thought he owed.

"And they're like don't do that, don't do that. Just come on in, make an appointment. We're sure we can help you out. It's probably not as bad as you think. And it wasn't. So, it was good advice," he said.

If you still haven't filed your taxes, experts said there's still time before the deadline.

"We can e-file as of midnight and still get you accepted by the IRS as to where people don't face the penalties," said Havelkachibi.

But to avoid those penalties he told us you need to start soon.

"If you haven't filed yet, you can still file, even if you're missing information," he said.

The deadline to file is Monday by midnight.

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