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People still rush to beat tax deadline


Tax Day isn't quite as hectic as it used to be.

"The amount of increases is minimal compared to what it's been in past years," said Wausau Post Office Officer, Scott Mayer.

But the overall sentiment is the same.

"I just want to get it over with," said Dan Mullen.

Mullen came to the Wausau Post Office with a check written to the IRS. He filed his taxes online, like many people these days. But he soon learned, he had to pay up.

He wasn't not alone.

"I didn't want to part with the money quite so quick," said Brian Kruse.

Kruse is a small business owner. He said the checks aren't easy to send off.

"The worst year I ever had, I wrote out 27 checks in one year for taxes," said Kruse.

The Wausau Postmaster said although the lines aren't quite as long and the Post Office isn't open until midnight anymore, they still expect plenty of people will stop by.

"We still want to provide customers a service on tax day so we do increase the staffing," said Mayer.

For those who'd already sent their forms out, seeing April 15th come and go brought a sigh of relief.

Now they say the focus is getting an early start on next year's taxes.

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