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Psychologists offer help after Boston Marathon blast


The Boston Marathon bombing has affected many people across the country, and psychologists say events like this can really take a toll.

Newsline 9 spoke with a psychologist on Monday, and she said tragedies like this can really have an impact on a person, even if you are thousands of miles away.

Experts say moments like the Boston Marathon blast tend to raise the anxiety level for many people.

Wausau psychologist Cate Bard says when deadly attacks like this happen in crowded places, it can really terrify people.

But she says we cannot alter our every day lives because of it.

"That's part of the goal of people who are doing these, really, very evil things, is to upset people, is to spread panic, is to spoil people's sense of security, their sense of control of their lives," said Bard.

Experts say if you're having trouble dealing with today's events to seek help. There are a number of hotlines to call about the Boston Marathon bombing, or any tragic event.


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