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Mass. native reaches out to family and friends


As the situation in Boston unfolds many of us here are closely watching. But, for some Central Wisconsin residents it hits very close to home.

When Massachusetts native Gregor Walz heard what was happening back home, his heart started racing and he immediately called home.

"Hey what's up? How's it going?" Walz said to his brother, Aaron, during a Skype conversation.

"We're doing okay," Aaron responded. "We're on full lock down right now."

Watertown is just minutes away from where Walz grew up. His mom and brother still live there.

"How's Mom doing?" Walz asked.

"She's alright. She's home from work," Aaron told his worried brother. "The only way you can be on the street is if you're going home. Every business is shut down, every job is shut down."

But, before Aaron could get another sentence out, Walz's mother, Karen, came on the screen.

"Hi!" She said.

"It's comforting to see my mom and brother and to talk with them. They seem in good spirits," Walz said after his conversation with his family was over.

Walz has been living in Stevens Point for two years. But he says it's times like these he wishes he was home.

"I got up today expecting to go to work. I was having my coffee and I turned on the news and then all of a sudden I'm seeing everybody stay home it was really kind of a shock," Karen told her son.

 As Walz listened to his families stories, he was thankful they were safe. And since he can't be home with them, he says hearing their voices is reassuring.

"It's comforting to be with friends and family at a moment like this even if it's through technology," Walz said.

As new details emerge he says calls like this, text messages, pictures, and even Facebook posts from friends keep him calm. That's a good thing, because for now it's all he has.

"Glad you guys are safe and I'll talk to you soon," Walz said as he ended the conversation, feeling a little better, but still wishing he could be there.

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