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UPDATE: "Dad's Computers" wins Trivia 44 competition at UWSP


The world's largest trivia contest has wrapped up, and this year's winner is "Dad's Computers."    

They defeated nearly 400 other teams to win Trivia 44 at the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point.

The 54-hour event was hosted by campus radio station 90 FM.

Click here for a full list of winners: http://www.90fmtrivia.org/TriviaScores2013/trivia.html



Members of the trivia team "Graduates of a Lesser God" used every resource they could, to try and win the 90FM Trivia 44 competition in Stevens Point.

"You hear a question and of course we immediately think, what is this about, and it usually takes us about 10 or 15 seconds before we go, OK this is a comic or this is a television show," said Team Captain, Lisa Ann Koenigs.

The team has competed for thirty years, coming to Stevens Point from across Wisconsin.

They said they've placed in the top ten several times.

"We share this unique bond of loving trivia that just doesn't exist anywhere else in our lives," said Koenigs.

It's a 54-hour time commitment, that this team splits up into shifts.

"We have people who have already been here, so they can keep us going on a certain level, we know what's happened so we're not making the same mistakes," said Team Member, Brand Schreiber.

Hosts said there are close to 400 other teams, also trying to win the top prize.

"The ones that are near the top are either clinging on for their position or trying to move up," said 90FM Organizer, Jim "The Oz" Oliva.

Organizers said the trivia event has raised more than a million dollars for the station since the early 1980's.

"In the era of tightening budgets, a lot of college radio stations have basically gone dark," said Oliva.

Players said they plan to keep participating in the contest for years to come.

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