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Stratford Public Library hosts LEGO Club


Children have a lot of entertainment to choose from these days, a the majority of it involves a screen.

But some classic toys are still around, and quite popular, including LEGO'S.

From LEGO cars, to LEGO houses, and even LEGO garages. It's all part of a LEGO Club.

The club met for the first time Tuesday afternoon, at the Stratford Public Library.

"I mentioned it to the parents and they were all real excited, I than mentioned it to the kids and they were really excited, said the Stratford Branch Coordinator, Janice Pankratz.

About 20 children were involved.

"We heard there was a LEGO Club Tuesday, and we wanted to find out what it was because I really lLEGO'SEGOS," said one of children.

Parents say making sure their kids know how to communicate with others and share toys is an important part of growing up.

"My son loves to play LEGO'SLEGOS, it's something for him to do that's creative instead of behind a screen," said Stratford resident Deanne Bangart.

She's not the only one feeling that way.

Lori Haffenbredl brought her two grandchildren to the LEGO Club.

"I know my grandsons father played with LEGO'S when he was little and he's still using tLEGO'Ssame LEGOS, he just added to it and it just gives a family tradition to it, a lot of other toys are intimLEGO'Sng but LEGOS are a constant," said Haffenbredl.

But how can LEGOS be so popular wiLEGO'Syounger generation that's all about technology?

"Because it's tactical, it's something they can feel in real dimensions in real time, you know the screen is good but it isn't reality," said Haffenbredl.

"Imagination is a good thing to have that's what we always had to grow with is imagination, we didn't have all that to play with and I think we turned out good," said Bangart. 

These kids seem to be doing fine, too.

"Overall I'll probably pick LEGOS out of anLEGO'Sg because as my mom says, they don't rot your brain," said a third grader.

After all was said and done, the LEGOS were pLEGO'S display on a shelf in the library for all to see.

Just one of the many reasons these kids say they'll be back.


Organizers say they plan on making the LEGO Club a monthly event.

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