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Job market "good" for 2013 college grads


After a long economic downturn, experts say the job market is improving. New survey findings show more job openings this year than others, and in several different fields. That's positive news for students graduating from college this month.

In a few weeks Kurt Oleszko will graduate.

"It's a pretty good feeling," Oleszko says,

For many seniors the last semester brings an exhausting job hunt and dozens of job applications. But for Oleszko that's not the case. The UW Stevens Point paper science major already has a full-time job lined up.

"It was a huge weight off my shoulders," Oleszko told Newsline 9.

Experts say the college graduating class of 2013 will enter a stronger job market than in the years right after the recession.

"The economy is improving and we are seeing an increase in the number of employers looking to hire," UWSP Economist Randy Cray said.

But Cray says only certain job fields are booming, "ones in the technical area are a lot more in demand than others." That means fields like education or communications are still struggling.

"Job growth has been up but it hasn't been fantastic and that's going to impact some of the fields for college students," Cray explains. 

A nation-wide study shows the unemployment rate for 2013 college graduates is 11.3%. Cray says if the economy continues to recover that number should get even lower.

"It's more of a slow climb out of a very deep hole that we were in."

For those soon to be college graduates without a job that's a positive sign.

"With the way things are, hospitals are very important so we'll always have a job, and I'll get one," Senior Jessica Dietzman said.

So as these seniors get ready to receive their diplomas, it seems they have a little more reason to be optimistic.

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