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Court documents: Kira Trevino's body found battered

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More details are emerging about the discovery of Kira Trevino's body.

Court documents show the 30-year-old D.C. Everest graduate had been brutally beaten. Her body was found Wednesday in this Mississippi River in St. Paul.

According to those documents, "The medical examiner found numerous injuries to her body including a head wound, broken finger, bruising inside her upper lip, and lacerations to her liver."

Additional DNA testing is expected to take several weeks, according to the documents.

Kira Trevino's husband, Jeffery Trevino, 39, is charged with her murder. He's scheduled to stand trial soon. Jeffery Trevino has said he's innocent.

Meanwhile, Kira Trevino's parents shared their sense of loss with Newsline 9. Daniel Woodruff met them at Sam's Pizza in Schofield Thursday night—Kira's favorite place to eat, her parents say.

Emotions were still extremely raw, but they wanted to talk about what they've been through and share memories about their daughter.

"What people remember is her smile and her generosity and the way she was around people," said Jay Steger, Kira's father. "That'll always be remembered."

"She had humor and also, even after a long day at work when they would close the store, her and whoever she was closing with, they'd sing or dance while they worked," added Kira's mother, Marcie Steger.

These are happy memories in the wake of a tragic loss.

"She was just so unbelievably amazing," said Marcie Steger.

"She's got a lot of friends and a lot of people that she knows, and she's going to be missed," added Jay Steger.

Kira's parents have spent two and a half months searching for their daughter. She was reported missing February 21. Since then Kira's family has lived in total uncertainty. Even looking at Kira's picture, her mother says, was difficult.

"I actually couldn't look at it because then my mind would go racing, you know, where is she? Where is she? So it's definitely been un-describable," said Marcie Steger.

So what got them through it?

"We had to, for Kira," said Marcie Steger. "That's what I kept in my mind."

Now, her body has been found. While that does bring some closure, it also reminds them what they've lost.

"There's a definite emptiness," said Marcie Steger.

"A void that can never be filled," added Jay Steger.

This Sunday is Mother's Day. It'll be the first one Marcie Steger won't receive a card from her daughter.

"She never ever missed, and wrote the sweetest things," she said.

Kira's parents say they haven't made funeral plans yet, but they know many people will want to pay their respects to a person they say made an impact on everyone.

"She's in a better place and at least we don't have to worry about where," said Marcie Steger.

The family also thanked everyone for helping search for Kira Trevino. Kira's parents told Newsline 9 they plan to travel to the Twin Cities this weekend to help search for two other missing women. They say they want to pay it forward and return the favor so many people did for their family.


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