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Outdoors with Lauren: Spring Fishing Keeps you Guessing


Fishing is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get. I was pleasantly surprised with something I never expected to pull out of the water.
Fishing guide Mike Orlikowski just won the hooksetter half moon fishing tournament, and I asked him to share some of his successful insight with me.
"We are going to stick strictly to the bottom, because it's warmer down there than it is on the surface. Fish are gonna stay down there, and they're gonna hug tight until they figure out what they wanna do."
We hit the Wisconsin River right around 7am, but conditions were working against us. "It was 26 degrees and the sun came out, confusing the fish. They didn't know what to do. They probably did a day break feed and moved out immediately, because they don't like the sun. They're just like us. If they could they'd wear sunglasses just like we do."
I picked a purple tube bait, dragging it on the bottom in search of a walleye.  After missing what looked like a 9-pound walleye, I was determined to get my next bite into the boat.  Except I was not prepared for what it would be, pulling a musky into the net.
Musky season does not open until may 25th, so after removing my hook we took a quick picture and immediately released it back into the water.
"I would say we missed several fish, we saw several fish, almost had that nice walleye to the boat, it was a beautiful gold color, and you did catch that musky. I would say for the brief time we fished it was a great day."
We didn't end up with what we set out for, but we were pleasantly surprised with what nature had to offer.

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