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Pit bull deemed vicious after attacking Wausau girl


The Wausau Police Department tells Newsline 9 the pit bull that attacked a young girl has been deemed vicious. This new label carries some stiff consequences for the owner.

The incident raised questions about the safety of the breed.

"As the victim was approaching, another child warned her, 'hey, you're getting too close,' but she already was too close," said Wausau Police Department Captain Bryan Hilts.

Police added the girl was transported to the hospital, and the pit bull was taken to the Marathon County Humane Society.

Now, Wausau's police chief has declared that dog vicious. That means the owner will have to put up a sign, warning people, and has to put up a double fence in the yard. The dog must also wear a leather collar. If nothing else happens for 36 months, the vicious label goes away.

"Any breed of dog could be determined to be a dangerous dog, it's not breed specific, it is behavior dependent," said Hilts.

Marathon County Humane Society leaders tell Newsline 9 pit bulls have a bad reputation.

"We see pit bulls that come in for bite quarantines, but just as often we see labs, all types of dogs," said Marathon County Humane Society Shelter Operations Coordinator Lisa Held.

Experts say if you think your dog may be aggressive, be careful.

"Let people know, 'please don't approach my dog, he's not comfortable with other people,'" said Marathon County Humane Society Executive Director Mary Kirlin.

As for the pit bull in this case, Wausau police say they won't require him to be put down. But they said the owner can decide to do that, if they don't want to follow the rules.

Newsline 9 asked Wausau police for the name of the pit bull's owner, but they refused to provide that, citing an open investigation.

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