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Marshfield Zoo honors Ms. Grizz


An animal that lived at the Marshfield Zoo longer than any other is being remembered. Ms. Grizz the grizzly bear died two years ago, but now she will forever be a part of the zoo.

"She meant much more to the community than just your average animal. Generations of Marshfield and surrounding area residents grew up watching Ms. Grizz, learning from her," said Marshfield Zookeeper Steve Burns.

Two years ago, Ms. Grizz passed away.

"It was a big loss," Burns told Newsline 9.

Her memory is still alive and zoo leaders want to keep it that way. With a ribbon cutting ceremony at the Marshfield Zoo on Thursday, Ms. Grizz was put on display once again.

"To see a grizzly bear up close like that, to really appreciate the size, it's a pretty unique opportunity," said Burns.

Zoo leaders say Ms. Grizz came to Marshfield when she was four and lived to be forty.

"If you would convert 40 years old to how old she would have been in human years that would be like you or I being 115 to 120 years old," Burns added.

Regardless of her age, zookeepers say she was a popular exhibit.

"The biggest question I get to this day, if people haven't been here in a while is, when did Ms. Grizz die?' said Burns.

Ms. Grizz's old home now houses foxes, but zoo leaders say they plan to build a new grizzly exhibit to house two more bears in the future.

"If this facility is built the way we are planning, it is going to be a premiere viewing opportunity, education opportunity," Burns told Newsline 9.

Zoo visitors say they're excited for what's to come, "it's always so much fun," said Mary Ann Petke of Marshfield.

But for now, Ms. Grizz is attracting a crowd once again.

Zoo leaders say they hope to start building a new grizzly exhibit in the next few years. They tell Newsline 9 it will be funded with the help of donations.

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