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People in central Wisconsin hope to win historic Powerball jackpot


The Powerball jackpot just keeps climbing. People in central Wisconsin are turning out in big numbers to win.

Friday, the jackpot grew to $600 million, the largest in Powerball history.

Pam Hammond came to the BP gas station in Weston for one thing.

"I actually came for the broccoli cheddar bites," said Hammond.

But she also left with a Powerball ticket. After she heard about the historic amount of money on the line, Hammond said she had to take a shot at the $600 million jackpot.

The odds of winning are fairly slim. Lottery officials said about $175 million.

"Less than getting struck by lightning, but you've got to take a chance with that much money," said Hammond.

Workers at the BP in Weston said when the jackpot gets high, in this case more than half a billion dollars, they don't stop printing tickets and the reactions get pretty intense.

"The last time that it got really big, we actually had to have one person just running the Powerball for the day, the day of the drawing," said Store Clerk, Terry Osmanski.

"I've heard everything from just paying off my bills and buying a new car to buying mansions and yachts," said Osmanski.

Workers said they've been selling as many as 60 tickets at a time.

Powerball player Heidi Davis had her own method to win.

"I usually do our birthdays or like the year we're born of my kids or my fiancee and myself," said Davis.

Although she hasn't hit the jackpot yet, she said she's dreaming about the prize.

"I have faith that this is my winning ticket," said Davis.

While we wait to see if the winner is someone from our neck of the woods, people here said they already know how they would spend all that money.

"I would have to get myself a house, big house, because my kids don't like to share their rooms," said Hammond.

In the meantime, workers said they'll stay busy until they sell the last ticket, and people will keep coming, hoping they win.

The Powerball drawing takes place tomorrow night.

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