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Emergency officials: being prepared means staying safe


Thankfully for Central Wisconsin the threat of severe weather isn't nearly as violent as the tornadoes in Oklahoma. But many people and businesses in our area are still preparing for severe weather season. Emergency management officials say having a plan in place is crucial to staying safe.

When severe weather hits it impacts everybody, including animals.

"We won't leave the animals unattended here. We will be here and try to keep ourselves safe and still do our job," Mary Kirlin, Executive Director of the Marathon County Humane Society said.

That's why she says the humane society has a plan in place.

"If we need to we could use the internal hallway, set up crating in there and move the animals in there overnight," Kirlin explained.

Emergency management officials say being prepared before a storm hits can save lives and reduce possible damage.

"Have a plan to know where you're going to physically move, know what portion of the basement you're going to go down to. If you don't have a basement know where in your house you're going to take shelter," Marathon County Emergency Management Director Steve Hagman said.

Hagman says he recommends every person have a weather radio or some other way of being informed.

"Be alert to changing weather," Hagman said. "The things you can look for; dark skies. If it's a bright sunny day and all of a sudden the skies start to darken there's a pretty good chance of bad weather."

Above all emergency leaders say, don't take any chances.

"Always err on the side of shelter," Hagman warned.

For more resources to help you stay safe during severe weather check out these helpful links:



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