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Gas prices spike as Memorial Day approaches


Memorial Day is just a week away, but this year, travelers who plan to drive will find filling up especially painful.

This weekend, many drivers will gas up and hit the road, but with gas prices close to $4.00, that may be tough.

"I can't believe how high they're going, again this year. Last summertime, that's what happened too," said Mary Reynolds of Wausau.

Gas prices have seen a significant spike in just the last week. Right now, the Wisconsin average is $3.94 a gallon, close to 30 cents higher than the national average. Just one week ago, it was 15 cents less, at $3.80 a gallon.

"It's ridiculous," said Reynolds.

In North Dakota and Minnesota, prices sit well over four dollars.

"Right now, the station's midsection, which includes Minnesota is struggling with very tight supply, and that is influencing gasoline prices significantly," said Patrick DeHaan,

No matter where you go, though, there may be some ways to save.

"Shopping around is one way, there are discounts for credit cards that can be had on gasoline," said DeHaan.

Mary Reynolds of sausage says the increase in prices is causing her to travel less.

"I'm definitely going to be hurt to move around if they go any higher," Reynolds told Newsline 9.

There may be good news for travelers. Experts say they don't expect much more of a jump before the holiday.

"Prices may drift a few cents higher as we approach the holiday, there are a lot of issues with tightness in gasoline supply, that are being blamed on refinery outages," said DeHaan.

As drivers hit the road for another holiday weekend, these gas price signs will serve as a stark reminder of just how expensive that trip might be.  

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