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Lincoln County woman victim of telephone scam


Last week, 90-year-old Alice Lund took a call she'll never forget.

"I had won eight million dollars and that it would be delivered to me, kind of promised like it was going to be in the next two or three days," said Lund.

But the prize she thought she'd won, turned out to be a scam.

"He said he was from Publisher's Clearing House and he didn't want any of my money," said Lund.

Lund said the caller asked her for a list of personal information.

"He asked for my social security number and I said I don't give that to anybody, he says well in order for us to be sure that we're giving the money to the right person, we have to have that," said Lund.

But that wasn't all.

"He wanted a check in the mail so that he could be sure it was me and that I shouldn't worry about it, so I sent him a blank check," said Lund.

She said she mailed that check to an address the caller gave her, it was later written for $3,000. She also sent a $4,000 money order and $1,000 in prepaid cards to addresses in New York and Illinois.

"It's terrifying," said Lund.

After stepping back from the whirlwind of thinking she'd won $8 million dollars, she said she realized something was off.

"My daughter noticed there was something wrong, I wasn't the jolly person I usually am," said Lund.

So Lund and her daughter reported the call to Lincoln County authorities and cancelled the check and money order with her bank.

"I hope it never happens to anybody else," said Lund.

But she's still out $1,000 for the prepaid cards.

No one from the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department was available to comment on the scam.

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