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Central Wisconsin BMX emerges from Rapids' shadow


Central Wisconsin BMX is considered to be one of the best kept secrets in Wisconsin Rapids.  But riders never intended on keeping it hidden.

"They can hear us on race day and they say 'How long have you been there?'," Central Wisconsin BMX Track Director Kris Statz said.

The answer is ten years. For the last decade, Central Wisconsin BMX has settled at its hidden location, right across from a Home Depot off of Highway 54.

"People are still surprised that we're here," Statz said. "Once they come or hear about it, they're like, we didn't even know."

Here, athletes as young as four and as old as 62 ride along a track filled with jumps and narrow turns.

"You get up there and you're just like 'Ooh, this is a really big hill,'" Zach Stanton, a 20-year-old BMX rider, said. "'Ooh these jumps are kind of big.' Then you kind of go over it and get a feel for it. It just becomes natural after you do it so many times."

Central Wisconsin BMX started 25 years ago by a motorcycle racer named Bill Dickerson, who became the first track operator in Wisconsin Rapids.

"I could see that it was something that could grow," Dickerson said. "And with this happening here. All the kids that I used to race with, some of the kids I took to the races, their kids are racing here today."

Dickerson is considered to be the "godfather" of Central Wisconsin BMX and he says the best part of it all is seeing this family of riders continue to grow.

"When we're on the track, we're racers," Dickerson said. "Off the track, we talk about anything and everything. The bikes or whatever. We help each other."

As Dickerson approaches his 59th birthday, he says he'll continue to race as long as he can at a location that's he hopes won't remain hidden much longer.

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