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New K-9 officer joins Everest Metro PD


The Everest Metro Police Department has a new member, but he's not your typical officer.

"He's exactly what I've hoped for," said Officer Matt Krembs who is the new K-9's partner.

Officer Krembs and Aron have spent the past six weeks in an intense training program in Indiana.

"Further developing a good bond together as a team, because that's absolutely what we are," he said.

Monday marked their first official day on the job together. The two-year-old German Shepherd came to the department thanks to private donations. It's safe to say the two are still feeling each other out.

"The dog's ability to smell, his drive and his desire to work for somebody, for the handler, is spectacular," said Krembs of Aron's skills.

Aron is taking the place of the Everest Metro Police Department's recently retired K-9, Lord. He served with Officer Robert Dickerson for six years.

"I've always said since day one that I have very large shoes to fill," added Krembs.

He said having a K-9 officer on the force makes a difference.

"I really wanted to contribute to the drug enforcement effort here in Marathon County," said Krembs. "Being in the car and knowing that he's there and ready to go to work is a good feeling."

Officer Krembs hopes to patrol the streets with Aron for close to a decade. He said that's the standard working career for a K-9 officer.

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