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Teachers practice drills after deadly Oklahoma tornado


The tornado devastation in Oklahoma is reaching all the way out to some Central Wisconsin schools.


One particular elementary school in Marshfield practiced its tornado drills on Tuesday.


Just one day after a school near Oklahoma City was flattened.


At the Our Lady of Peace School, safety is a top priority.


"It's very sad and scary to have kids even younger than us go through this," said Erynn Meece, 4th Grader.


That's why school leaders are focusing on being prepared.


"We've already taught the children how to protect themselves and I think that's the most important thing," said Nancy Baierl, Principal.


Bairel says she's confident her students know what to do if there's an emergency.


"Our children our trained as soon as the announcement comes on especially right in the middle of class," added Bairel.


Now that tornado season is here, teachers tell Newsline 9 that they'll be practicing the drills more frequently.


"I have been in situations where we've been through severe weather, and it's important the kids know what to do," said Rebecca Herman, 4th Grade Teacher.


Herman has been teaching for 13 years.


She believes in any emergency, that practice makes perfect.


"The more you practice these kinds of things things, the calmer it goes and the better they'll be," said Herman.


Herman arranged a surprise tornado drill for her students, to Ensure that they know where to go.


"In a heartbeat I can tell them what to do and they know exactly where to go," added Herman.


"it's our job to get them down in the basement to a safe place as quick as we can," Herman said.


The students finished the drill quickly, and knew exactly where to go.


"It's very important to do because you know that your going to be safe," said Meece.


"If a real one came then we would be really prepared," said Laine Odegard, 4th Grader.


Herman' says no matter what the emergency is, that she'll go the distance to keep her students safe.


"I'll do whatever it takes to protect them and they know that," said Herman.

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