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Marathon County board cuts funding for stray cats


The Marathon County Board decided Tuesday to cut funding to house stray cats at the Marathon County Humane Society.

Many people attended the meeting where the resolution was passed.

Supporters of the resolution said the county can no longer afford the expense of holding stray cats at the Humane Society. So, they've come up with another plan.

According to a county board member, the county will provide transitional money to cities and towns within the county for two years. In 2014, the county will give each municipality $60,000. In 2015, the county will give each municipality $30,000. The idea is that each city or town create their own "contract" with the humane society to fund stray cats. In 2016, the money will stop and it will be up to each city or town to come up with its own funding.

"It has set aside $60,000 of tax levy money to assist those municipalities in entering into a contract to contract for impoundment services of the cats," said Kurt Gibbs, Marathon County Board vice chairman.

But Humane Society leaders aren't happy with the decision.

"I do think that the resolution was premature," said Linda Berna-Karger, Marathon County Humane Society board president. "We hadn't been involved in helping formulate that resolution so I think there should have been more work done on it before it was presented."

According to state law, counties are required to fund stray dogs for seven days, but cats have no protection. Until now, Marathon County has provided funding for cats.

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