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Young cancer survivor helps baby Treyden


An eight-year-old Wisconsin Rapids girl is on a mission to help, and it's all for a little boy she's never met.

Hannah Vakoc has been through a lot.

"It was a little scary in the beginning, because I didn't know what was going on," said Hannah Vakoc.

Three years ago, Hannah was diagnosed with leukemia. "I was through a lot," she told Newsline 9.

Now, it's a different story. Hannah added that she's feeling pretty good.

Hannah is in remission, but now she's focusing on helping others.

"Every morning she'll wake up, how's Treyden today? So, we get online and see how he's doing," said Hannah's mother Brandi.

"My mom reads a lot on Facebook, and she keeps me updated on him," Hannah told Newsline 9.

Treyden Kurtzweil is also battling leukemia and is waiting for a potentially life saving procedure. After hearing his story, Hannah felt a connection.

"He went through the same thing as me, but he's going through a harder time," said Hannah.

Last week, the cancer survivor came up with an idea to help.

"I asked my mom if we could do a bake sale for Treyden," said Hannah.

"It just made me feel so good that she needed to give back, and this is the way that she could do it," said Hannah's mother Brandi.

The Vakoc's say they were surprised at the turnout for the bake sale. They say close to $900 was raised for Treyden and his family.

"It's probably really scary for him, because he's just 11 months old," said Hannah.

Even though they've never met, the bond they share is rare.

"We're hoping that one day when Treyden is back and everything is good, the kids can meet, that would be really special," said Brandi Vakoc.

Until that time, all Hannah wants to do is help.


You can follow Treyden's story here: Https://

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