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Outdoors with Lauren: Tagging a Turkey


Monday May 21st is closing day for spring turkey hunting season, and this winter has made it a tough one.  This far I've come up empty handed in the learn to hunt program, but I decided to give it one last shot the last weekend.
    It was just after 5:00 on a clear evening in Manawa. Avid hunter Bill Dallman and I headed out into the blind that he set up weeks before. I felt confident leaning on his experience. Dallman says, "I couldn't even tell you how long I've been turkey hunting because I've never really kept track"  
    Dallman set up personalized decoys, "I go and get my hens in the fall and put them over the top of the body so it looks like a real hen, and I take my tail feathers and put them with a fan and make them blow in the wind."
    After hours of sitting and waiting we finally hear a gobble, and saw the Tom inching closer. "Once they see my decoys, they pretty much concentrate on my decoys, he was kind of going away so we yelped him in and as long as he was staying with the yelps, I stayed with the yelps."
    Once the tom was about 40 yards out, Dallman gave me the ok. To say my heart was beating fast, is an understatement, and with one shot I took the bird down.  As soon as I put tag on the turkey and registered it with the DNR, we went straight to the land owners so I could share my gratitude.
Dallman says he's satisfied with our hunt, "This is a very nice bird, it's one of the nicer ones that we've shot this year."
    After years of dreaming about turkey hunting, I finally have my trophy.

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