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Special report: Where the locals eat

North-central Wisconsin offers a lot of great restaurants.

By popular demand, Newsline 9 visited four more of them, and we followed out viewers' suggestions as we search for the best places where the locals eat.

First stop—Minocqua, for breakfast at Tula's cafe.

"It's always a great day at Tula's," said Dan Delamater, the cafe's manager.

That's the motto at a place the locals say they love.

"It's good, it's hearty, it's filling, it's nutritious," said Woodruff resident Scott Morrison. "And for an old fossil like me, it keeps me going till dinner or candy!"

Morrison has visited Tula's for years. His orders are made just for him.

"I like the way they put the onion in my crispy hash browns," said Morrison. "I like the cheese on the eggs."

And there's plenty of food.

"I've never left here hungry or wanting, ever," said Morrison. "If I did, it was my fault."

Delamater says that's the way they work.

"The breakfasts are really ample," he said.

Just how ample? Try one of their skillets.

"Everything from sausage gravy to ham and cheese," said Delamater.

I had to try one myself, opting for sausage gravy over hash browns, green peppers, and sausage. What a hearty breakfast! That skillet definitely stuck to my ribs.

Tula's Cafe in Minocqua—a place where the locals eat.

Next up—lunch, at the Gyros & Kabob House in downtown Stevens Point.

"Everybody loves the gyro," said the restaurant's owner, Christine Hoffman.

Just like at Tula's, the portions are huge.

"It has vegetables, and then it has a large serving of the gyro meat straight from the spits," said Hoffman.

This restaurant also offers a special place to eat it.

"You can take your shoes off and go sit in the canope area," said Hoffman. "There's cushions and pillows so it is an authentic experience."

But the gyro is just one of many items on the menu. I started talking with Dana Scheffen just as her food arrived.

"This is the falaffel wrap which I wasted years not ordering," said Scheffen. "Looks like we got some spinach, lettuce, tomato, onions, and feta."

She also tried the restaurant's chocolate cake.

"They stick vanilla frosting, and they drizzle chocolate over the top," said Scheffen.

A good idea. But there was no room for dessert for me. I filled up, savoring every bite at the Gyros and Kabob House in Stevens Point—a place where the locals eat.

Next—Hiawatha, in Wausau. You can get lunch or dinner here, and brunch on Sundays. It's a restaurant owners say dates back to the early 1900s.

"This is one of the oldest buildings in town," said Adam Jamgochian, the restaurant's owner.

The building has a colorful history.

"It did used to be a brothel upstairs here. I don't know much about that," said Jamgochian. "It's way before my time."

Now, it's all about food with salads, fish frys, and house-smoked meat.

"We do smoked pulled pork, brisket, and chicken," said Jamgochian.

I tried a pulled pork sandwich and the beef brisket. The food was excellent. But people there say it goes beyond that.

"The folks that we meet here, the bartenders, the family that owns the place, it's just a lot of fun," said Town of Mosinee resident John Clark as he enjoyed lunch with his friends.

Hiawatha—a place where the locals eat.

Finally, many of you on our Facebook page suggested we try 2510 in Wausau. They have a lot of good food to choose from. They also have a lot of dessert.

Back in the deli, we found Penny Fairchild of Weston leaving with one of the restaurant's "celebration cakes."

"It's my cousin's birthday, and pretty much my whole family is addicted to the chocolate cake," said Fairchild.

It's one of many desserts available at 2510. We visited the kitchen where the bakers were making "Death by Chocolate." That's a layered dessert with chocolate mousse, brownies, whipped cream, and Heath bits.

"In the restaurant that's probably the number one selling dessert, without a doubt," said 2510 co-owner Roy Heilmeier. "It's not real heavy and it's not overly sweet. But it just captures you."

Dessert at 2510—another place where the locals eat.


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