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Mosquito season is here and in full force


Rob Mielke's business is bugs.

"The pests are coming," Mielke said as he loaded up his truck.

Mielke is a pest service technician for Plunkett's Pest Control in Wausau. Right now he says he's preparing for a busy few months.

"This year we project that it's going to be busy because we had such a wet spring, a snowy spring," Mielke explained.

Experts say the more moisture on the ground means more mosquitoes in the air.

"All mosquitoes need is a little inch of water and they can lay hundreds of eggs," Mielke said.

Insect expert Phil Pellitteri agrees. In fact, he says there are 54 different types of mosquitoes in Wisconsin.

"We can breed 50 mosquitoes per a square foot of water per day," Pellitteri explained.

And he says the recent rain has created the perfect conditions for breeding.

"We're going to see things pick up dramatically and unfortunately when you see this kind of hatch it's going to take 3 or 4 weeks to settle down and that's without anymore flooding rain," Pellitteri said.

But, of course, there are things you can do to keep the pests away. Experts say it can be as simple as keeping your yard clean.

"Pick up debris, trim the grass around your house and turn over things like wading pools or kayaks when you're not using them," Mielke says.

So get ready. The spring looks to be full of mosquitoes. But as for the summer, experts say it all depends on the weather.

There are some other ways to keep the bugs away while they're here. Make sure to have plenty of bug spray on hand and experts also say keeping a fan by your legs when you're outside can prevent the mosquitoes from getting too close.

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