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Displaced workers optimistic about Crystal Finishings opportunities


The old SNE Enterprises building in Mosinee looks empty, but Larry Pelot remembers it a little differently.

"It was a good place to work," said Larry Pelot.

Pelot worked at the company for 39 years.

"20 of it was in the shipping department, 19 of it was in the receiving department as the lead person," said Pelot.

He lost his job as part of the layoffs last year.

"I have a part-time job that I work at nights and weekends, looking for a full-time job yet, they're hard to find, but anything full-time with benefits these days are hard to find," said Pelot.

But Pelot said the outlook got a little brighter this week.

Yesterday, Crystal Finishing Systems of Schofield announcing it will create 250 to 350 new jobs after buying the former Weather Shield factory in Mosinee.

Crystal Finishing paints and provides coatings for steel and plastic products made by other companies. It also makes aluminum parts.

"It's just going to give our internal our existing team members, a chance to grow within our own company and bring in new talent as well," said Crystal Finishing Systems President, Mark Matthiae.

Matthiae wants the company to keep growing.

"I have confidence in our customers, and we've been listening to our customers, we know what they want, we will perform," said Matthiae.

Pelot said this could be the opportunity he's been waiting for.

"It's too early for me to retire, so I have to look for something and there's a lot of people out there that are younger than me that can't find good jobs either and they need jobs to support their families," said Pelot.

Crystal Finishing leaders said their company could grow to more than 800 workers by 2016.

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