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Vietnam veteran honors comrades lost in war


Lyle Bricko was stationed in Vietnam more than 40 years ago, but he can still remember it clearly today.

"I was drafted in April of 1969," said Bricko.

Starting off, Bricko was a Specialist in the Army, he later became a Military Policeman.

In that time, he said he remembers the pain of losing his comrades in the heart of war.

"I have a number of people I think about every day, not just on Veteran's Day or on Memorial Day, that's the hardest thing," said Bricko.

Back then, Bricko said emotions were running high.

"It was very lonely and scary," said Bricko.

His wife Barb said she remembers the day he left, like it was yesterday. They're still married, 44 years later.

"Not seeing him for such a long time, and the letters, sometimes they would get there and sometimes they wouldn't," said Barb Bricko.

She said waiting for him to come home left a lot of uncertainty.

"I'm just happy that he did come back from service and he's just a really good guy," said Barb Bricko.

Although Lyle Bricko made it home safe, he said revisiting that time isn't something he likes to do.

"Every person I'm sure, has had the opportunity to have his life flash in front of him and it isn't something that I talk about," said Bricko.

Instead, he said he'd rather honor fellow servicemen and women who died protecting our freedom.

"You just feel the sadness of the lost soldier who gave up his life for his country and I can tell you, we love this country," said Bricko.

As he honors our nation's fallen heroes with his wife Barb by his side.

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